Spring Savings

And that means you can save BIG this Spring

Winter ends. Spring begins. And everyone chatters on about how nice it is, what a beautiful day it is, and on and on. Yadda yada. Well, I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I hate it because I run a heating and air conditioning company. I like, no LOVE extreme weather. Perfect weather to me triple digit temperature or freezing temperature. Anything close is tolerable. Between 50°F and 80°F is miserable.

Mild weather is miserable because my customers stop thinking about heating and air conditioning. It’s all I think about. Well, I guess also think about my technicians. I think about the overhead I’ve got to cover. I think about trucks sitting idle. I think about inventory. I think about money going out and less money coming in.

No one wants to buy a new air conditioner

I’ve had to face the depressing fact that no one wakes up one morning and thinks, “Hey, this would be a great day to buy a new air conditioner.” Nope. People wait to buy air conditioners. Usually, they wait until it is good weather (“good” in air conditioning terms), when compressors are slugging all over, every technician is working 12 to 16 hours a day, and inventory is moving so fast it’s tough to keep it in stock. That’s the wrong way to buy. Wait until it’s hot and you might have to wait to get cool.

My misery is your opportunity

Stay in a resort hotel off season and you can save a lot of money. Resort hotels sweeten the deal to put people in rooms. Well, this is our off season. I’m going to sweeten the deal for you...
Buy a new high efficiency air conditioner from
Coomes Air Conditioning & Heating
and we’ll throw in a FREE furnace!

This is a pretty amazing offer. You can save as much as a couple of grand. I can make this offer for a couple of reasons. First, there’s not much incremental installation labor to replace the furnace when we’re replacing the evaporator (the inside part of the air conditioner).

Second, I’m desperate. I want to keep my technicians working through this miserable, mild weather so they’ll stick around for the lovely summer weather when I need every skilled technician I can get. I also want to keep my volume high so I can get better deals from my suppliers.


This offer ends when the weather heats up. In fact, it ends on the first balmy 85°F day (I can’t wait!). Last summer was one of the mildest in 20 years. What are the odds we’ll have two cool summers in a row? Pretty slim (I hope). So not only will you save when you buy a new system, but you’ll save all summer long. Our high efficiency systems can cut your cooling costs by as much as 50% (maybe more, how old and decrepit your old air conditioner is). In a few years, you’ll save more on utilities than you spend to buy the air conditioner.
Coomes Air Conditioning & Heating

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<#You also might want to change the end temperature and other red text for the promotion. It’s set to end the first day it gets to be 85 degrees. An 85 degree day may not occur until June is some parts of the country, while others practically consider 85 to be a thermostat setpoint.>